We support your Ruby on Rails web applications. See plans below.



  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Ongoing Cost: $500 per month

Ideal for customers wanting to have a go-to developer to help diagnose and resolve bugs or to have someone available to handle issues that arise during regular operation of your web application.



  • All items from SUPPORT PLAN
  • Security patches
  • Test coverage maintenance and improvements
  • Code Quality maintenance and improvements
  • Documentation maintenance and improvements
  • Ongoing Cost: $1,500 per month

Most recommended plan for small to medium sized businesses to ensure uptime and quick restoration of service for their ruby on rails application.



  • All items from MAINTENANCE PLAN
  • Security patches and major upgrades
  • Major Enhancements - with no urgency attached
  • Ongoing Cost: $4,000 per month

This plan is suitable when there are bigger features to be developed or when you want to stay on the latest versions of Ruby or Ruby on Rails and be ready for active development, get security patches, and performance improvements.

Annual plans get 15% off the monthly fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Try us for a month, we gaurentee you'll be happy. There is no fixed term, unless you want to pay for an annual plan, so you can cancel at any time. If you aren't completely satisfied, we provide a refund and call it a day.

When you say "bug fixes or minor enhancements tasks are included", what do you mean? This includes any basic development or operations tasks, such as reviewing and fixing database inconsistency, replacing SSL certificates, migrating or fixing DNS issues, or diagnosing and providing a quick bug fix. We know a big job when we see one and will let you know. In general, we are flexible.
Will you fix any crash/bug that happens? Yep, or at least do our best to try depending on the complexity of the issue!
If I cancel, are the accounts and data you've collected transferable to me? They sure are! We try to keep you owning all services from the begining so you can pull the plug at any time. Where that's not possible, we will arrange to have all the accounts transferred to you. This may involve you taking on the billing for the accounts. Altneratively, and depending on the service, we will work with you to export your data and provide it to you.
Will you sign my NDA? Maybe, we actually have good Mutual Non-Disclosure we can use. Just ask!
This seems a little expensive, isn't it? Your web application is critical to your business. If you rely on a custom web application to drive your business, interact with your customers, and build your brand, you can't afford downtime, problems, or being in a situtation where you can't move foward. Customer's data loss is not acceptable. Will you lose sales due to bugs? Maintaining a web application requires specialized knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Heroku and other web hosting providers, database servers, caching, gem versioning, and quick thinking that will keep your application running and optimized while you sleep.

Compare the cost of hiring a full-time employee, benefits, software, hardware, training, time spent learning your app, etc. If our monthly plans don't work for you, we can assist you in your hiring of such a person.