Dreaming about an online tool to grow your business?

We are committed to great code and we can build it.


Understand the problem, find viable paths, and set the direction.


Build a product that minimally solves the problem, get feedback from users, iterate and improve. Develop a solution using open source and free tools.


Give the project wings and breath life into it. Market the heck out of it and enjoy the success of your labors.

Let's Take Off


We love our clients and showing off what we've created with them.



Developing web applications is what we like to do most. It’s our area of expertise. It’s our focus. We build solutions for clients’ problems using Ruby on Rails.


You have an idea for a web application. You want to build it. Now what? Rakefire developers will work with you push you to clarify the application’s purpose and functionality and explain the pros/cons of different technological approaches.


Migrate your web application to the newer version of Ruby On Rails to take advantage of security patches, Ruby language and performance improvements, and the latest gems. A Rakefire developer can evaluate your application and work with you on a plan of action to complete an upgrade. Learn More


In between developers? Looking for a second opinion your web application? Let Rakefire assess your project and complete an independent evaluation. We’ll deliver a report outlining your app’s strengths and weaknesses, and a recommendation for a plan moving forward — a plan taking into account your resources and business goals.


We started out as friends and now we build kick ass software together.

Jim Harris

Jim Harris

Marketer and Wrangler

See the smile on my face? I just helped a client solve a problem. And coffee.

Ricky Chilcott

Ricky Chilcott

Web Developer

Loves the challenge of learning new technologies, solving problems, and bringing non-techies along for the ride!

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Because we’re coding applications, changing diapers, or brewing beer, an immediate reply isn’t always feasible. However, we guarantee a reply within 48 hours with information and a plan of action.

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